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Selected Towing is a locally owned, locally operated towing service provider in Richmond, California. Our network of independent tow truck operators provides quality towing and roadside assistance services for all types of vehicles. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and that’s all year long, including all the holidays of the year.

Efficient and Affordable Tow Dolly Services

Tow dollies are used to tow light and medium-weight vehicles; that’s basically your sedan, sub-compact SUV, your dad’s old car, or a hybrid. What’s great about tow dollies is that they’re easy to latch both to the damaged vehicle and the towing vehicle, so it’ll only take our tow truck drivers a few minutes to secure your vehicle’s position. After that, your vehicle’s good to go and towable to whatever distance or destination you prefer.

What you need to know about tow dollies, however, is that your vehicle’s rear wheels will be rolling on the ground while it’s being towed at an angle (it’s better that you’re aware of this).

No need to worry about this, though, as our drivers and technicians will ensure that your vehicle is in its proper position before starting the service.

Here is a list of all the towing and roadside assistance services we offer to all Richmond residents:

Our Services Include: 

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