Why Do You Need A Long Distance Towing?

Sometimes being the owner of a vehicle seems like more trouble than it’s worth. While on the one hand, you have this great transportation tool to take you places, on the other hand, you have to take care of it and maintain it and get it repaired from time to time. Sometimes you even need to get it towed. In some cases, cars need to be towed a great distance. For long-distance towing to or from Richmond CA, contact Selected Towing. Our company is locally owned and operated. With our 24-hour availability and fast minute response time, we gladly serve the local community. This is our home, and we love to help out those who are coming or going with any towing, roadside assistance, or car locksmith needs.


If you’re relocating to Richmond, you may need help transporting a vehicle here. Whether you need to fly here to start a new job, you have to drive the moving van, or you have an extra car that needs to be transported, we can help you out at Selected Towing. We want all our new residents to feel welcome in this community and are pleased to be able to help you with Richmond CA long-distance towing.

Visiting or Traveling

If you’re traveling through Richmond, visiting the area, or leaving Richmond to go on vacation, we’re more than happy to offer you our services for long-distance towing. If you find yourself in a situation where your car needs a tow and you’ve got a long way to go, contact us and we’ll help you out.

Vehicle Cannot Be Driven

Some people have vehicles that they can’t exactly drive. You may have an extra vehicle and you don’t have a second driver to drive it for you. You may have a classic or antique car that you don’t want to drive because you don’t want to damage it. You may have a car that’s not safe to drive long distances, or can’t drive at all right now, but you want to transport it a long distance. Whatever the reason, we’ll help you out at Selected Towing with our long-distance towing services.

Additional Towing & Roadside Assistance Services

In addition to our long-distance towing services, we offer the following:

Contact Selected Towing and affiliates for any other towing, car locksmith, or roadside assistance service you may need in Richmond CA.